A Script of Desire

A Script of Desire is a ritual calligraphic performance project that creates sacred space for writing, activating desire through automatic drawing. This project employs the cypher Jamie developed as an adolescent to encode secret messages in his journals, mostly about his early sexuality and early experiments with magic.

Having re-learned this script and adapted it to a cursive form after a decade of dormancy, Ross uses it now used to enable the expression of unconscious messages though automatic writing. This form of unconscious creation is developed in a light trance state, similar to hypnosis. The living, contemporary artist is not always best conceived of as the creator of the ritual writing that is produced – a notion with strong implications for the creation of works of art. A strong creative lineage speaks back through time to the child of the past who was so isolated that he invented a secret alphabet.

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‡ Ghetto Biennale, (Port-au-Prince, Haiti) December 2015

‡ c.off Residency, (Stockholm, Sweden) May 2016