Apparition of the Wild

Apparition of the Wild is a time-based and written exploration of the return of forests to Eastern Ontario. We descend over a landscape weary from centuries of invasion, territorial expropriation, from deforestation.

Ross’ camera and pen guide us along an uncommon line of sight into the new forest, striking a tender balance between documenting and dreaming the (re)emergent cultures of the area by giving voice to its people, animate and inanimate. Songs and speech in the polyphonic throng of local tongues brings the continued reality of these cultural communities to the fore. Through the flow of sap, running of airplane and car motors, audio artifacts give agency to non-humans.


Centre des Arts Actuels Skol
Video installation November 30 – December 15, 2012


Text by Shawn Syms



Wild Man in CULT Montreal, November 30 2012

Aparition of the Wild in The Gaily, November 23 2012

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