A Script of Desire - JAMIE ROSS
Video installation artist (Montréal | Canada)
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A Script of Desire


A Script of Desire is a hypnosis calligraphy project delineating sacred space with automatic writing. Jamie developed a cypher alphabet as a child to encode messages in his diary. After rediscovering the forgotten inscriptions in his childhood journals after nearly two decaded, the artist adapted it to a cursive form.  The ink creations are developed in a self-induced hypnotic trance state, guided by an assistant.


Hypnosis, as taught to Ross in childhood by his grandfather, is part of the numinous technology he employs in his practice. As an creator, the artist is simultaneously present and absent during the creation of these cypher texts.


‡ Outdoor School group show, (Toronto, Canada) October 2016
‡ c.off Residency, (Stockholm, Sweden) May 2016
‡ Ghetto Biennale, (Port-au- Prince, Haiti) December 2015
‡ 8eleven solo performance, (Toronto, Canada) September 2014


Xtra, Artforum