Cate Hill - JAMIE ROSS
Video installation artist (Montréal | Canada)
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Cate Hill


Cate Hill is a docu-fictional portrait of a sheep farm run by witches on a remote forested hill, centered on the flow of autumnal viscera and liquids of the harvest.


‘Is it possible, in a cacophony of demagogues and witch hunts, for one’s imagination to run wild and rewild? Let’s look, then, for a safe place where such actions may pullulate. If the sanctuary does not yet exist, we can build it at the crossroads.’


Mark Ambrose Harris, The Alchemical Properties of an Enchantment: Wanderlust and Other Promiscuities on Cate Hill




‡ Montreal, Canada (2019)
Galerie B-312 (with Maggie Groat), Momenta Biennale (curator: María Wills Londoño)
‡ Dawson City, Yukon, Canada (2017)
ODD Gallery, Klondike Institute of Art and Culture