Dad Can Dance - JAMIE ROSS
Video installation artist (Montréal | Canada)
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Dad Can Dance (2022)


Dad Can Dance is a mid-length documentary short about family secrets. Retired Bay Street office worker David Ross was a ballet dancer, but for 45 years, almost nobody in the world knew that he was.


When David reveals details of his past life as a ballet dancer to his son, questions immediately emerge: Why had his father never told him about being a dancer? Why had he waited until he was 70 years old, and after rejecting Jamie’s coming out as a teenager, to tell his son about about his own sexual fluidity? With words of encouragement from legendary ballet dancer Evelyn Hart, who dances a cameo in the film, David decides he wants to start dancing again, and he wants his story told.


Dad Can Dance is a portrait of reconnection and movement emerging from the pain of a strained relationship between father and queer son. As the trauma that changed the course of his father’s life surfaces, they begin to recognize a shared experience with homophobia, queerness and masculinity, and a common lineage of pain that is generations in the making, and now theirs together to transform.


28 minutes, UHD video





‡ World Premiere: Hot Docs (2o22)