Video installation artist (Montréal | Canada)
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XII (2018)

Parallel to his artistic practice, Ross, who is a witch, served as the first Pagan chaplain with prisoners in Corrections Services Canada institutions in Quebec. Pagan practices (like Wicca, Reclaiming and Ásatrú) have been officially recognized in Canada in the federal institutions such as Correctional Services of Canada (SCS) and the Armed Forces for a decade. However, the implementation of associated human rights policies has been irregular, notably in Quebec. As an artist and chaplaincy volunteer, he is interested in how fellow witches and other magical practitioners both negotiate and resist legitimization through the State.


The artist is engaged in the the conversation around minority religious expression in Québécois and Canadian contemporary art, particularly in the current climate of intolerance towards certain religious faiths. This video is a testament to the resilience of the spirit of some of the Pagan men in Canadian federal prison institutions Ross supported in person over five years.


‡ Video distributed by Vidéographe
Ensemble Performance + Round-table conference, Verticale (Laval, Canada) 2018
Exhibition, Eastern Bloc (Montreal) 2018



CBC Arts, Vice



Dans un monde où je veux vivre, Guillaume Adjutor Provost