Gabriel - JAMIE ROSS
Video installation artist (Montréal | Canada)
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Ross’ site-specific performative project, Gabriel, is based around his relationship with a man named Gabriel living in a California Correctional Institution in Tehachapi, CA with whom he shared years of intimate written correspondence. For years, the two men wrote letters finishing the other’s fantasy and beginning another.


In one particularly erotic letters to Ross, Gabriel wrote about a dream he had in which they are both lifted by an angel into the air from their respective homes and united in the mountains visible from his cell window named for the archangel, his namesake in turn. Using this site, Ross employed a Western ritual magic framework to reenact this fantasy and invoke the Archangel Gabriel’s spirit creating sexual unification through their shared fantasy. The ritual was performed again in Gabriel’s home, Mexico City.


‡Los Angeles (2014)
Los Angeles Nomadic Division with guest An Thorne (Canada)


‡Mexico City (2014)
Galería Anomalía with guest Yecid Calderón (Bogotá, Colombia)


Emergency INDEX Vol.4 (2015)
Performance documented in international performance review