Cien Mil Homos Muertos

The troubles of projecting our modern understanding of who we are and who are our families cannot not easily be projected onto those in faraway times and cultures. We are left with eros and desire. Longing. Belonging. Because our kinship is a corporeal relation too, just like theirs, and our erotic power is the motor for our memory machine. And so we having sex with ghosts.

And This is, like all works of magic, a way to interact just a little bit more with the world around us. A temple was opened in Buenos Aires, calligraphy banners of the names of queer saints. Charm sachets for various queer concerns were sold to parishioners and pilgrims. Artists’ invocations of dead queers were projected onto the heavy black velvet that delineated the inner sanctum. From the leather day-bed in the centre of the space, devotees added to the altar which filled the space, erected with personal affects of the queer departed, flowers and sculptures.



10. Cien Mil Homos Muertos (2103)smaller








‡Buenos Aires (2013)
Corazón. Catalogue Cien Mil Homos Muertos: Templo de los Antepasados Queer published by Residencia Corazón (20p. 2013)
Introductory Text by Coral Short

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