Vale of Paradise

Multi-channel video project with collected objects. Two islands, two pilgrimages. Vale of Paradise explores insular pilgrimage ritual from the vantage of repetition and accumulation. Ritual is a focusing lens through which people can attempt to see, or argue for, what is significant in life. In this case, the camera’s lens plays a dual role, highlighting the position of the artist participant-observer inside and outside the ritual space. The act of revisiting historically significant space fits with a an orientation towards the past that fills much of Ross’ body of work. The artist follows queer punks as they perform their memory-work.




‡ Dawson City, Yukon, Canada (2017)
Odd Gallery, Klondike Institute of Art and Culture

‡ Porto Alegre, Brazil (2017)
Casa Baka

‡ Buenos Aires, Argentina (2017)
Centro Cultural Recoleta, La Paternal Espacio Proyecto

‡ Ancud, Chile (2017)
Museo Regional de Ancud

‡ LA, USA (2016)
Premiere screening at Queer Biennial II